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Winding Road

Motor Vehicle Accident Analysis & Testing

From physically inspecting the roadway and vehicles to animating and presenting our findings, we have the tools to serve your engineering needs.  

ATV Drivers

Boat & Recreational Vehicle Accident Analysis and Testing

With over 70 years of combined experience, our engineers can help assist in vehicle inspections, crash analyses and vehicle testing. ​

Man Walking

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Analysis 

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents can be analyzed much like vehicle on vehicle accidents.  Our engineers can help to analyze a pedestrian impact to determine impact location, vehicle speed, avoidance and much more.

Folding Sign

Slip / Trip / Fall Walking Safety Analysis

Inspections, friction testing and building code research are a few of the many areas our engineers can help in analyzing a slip, trip or falls.  

Step Ladder

Consumer Product Safety Evaluation

With years of experience in accident analysis, we can help you evaluate your consumer product safety concerns.

Forklift Maintenance

Workplace & Industrial Accident Analysis

Utilizing their manufacturing, construction and workplace safety experience, our engineers will provide key insight and analysis to your workplace or industrial accident.  

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“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you

probably don't understand it yourself.”
― Albert Einstein



Robert J Krenz.jpg
Robert J. Krenz
M.S. E.M., P.E.
Brad R DeHaven.jpg
Brad R. DeHaven
B.S. E.M., P.E.
Matthew J Furrer.jpg
Matthew J. Furrer
M.S. M.E., P.E.
Janice J Krenz.jpg
Janice J. Krenz
Managing Partner


Krenz Engineering, LLC, established in 2006, has provided expert analysis and consulting services to the nation's top insurance companies, law firms, and both Public Defender's and District Attorney's offices. 


As professional consulting engineers, we use our engineering education, training and experience to analyze accidents and provide useful information to our clients.  Our primary goal is to use our past experiences, while utilizing emerging technologies to provide the highest quality consulting services in the timeliest manner possible.  We are committed to being responsive to our client's requests, both with regard to communication and services. 

Our team includes three professional engineers and an office manager.  Our engineers, Bob, Brad and Matt have over 50 years of combined engineering experience in the field of accident analysis and consulting.  Our office manager, Jan, has over 20 years of operational experience in the business of accident analysis and consulting.  




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